The labor market demands new technological knowledge and, therefore, we are well up to date with changes to not get business back. We are forced to innovate new ideas from where we have a vision of a market innovator with the use of social networks, blogs and websites. But it must be a webmaster to have such knowledge? Yes / No. If you have resources to hire an expert in Web Development, his job will be lower and you have amazing gains in a short space of time, but if you do not have enough resources, enough to have a vision of success and their business will take a wide path to profits for you to be a good entrepreneur.


The more skilled you are, the more the labor market will offer opportunities to gain large profits. The internet, you will be able to make people look their products. But for this it is necessary to know the future of social media. I will cite the case of Facebook. A company that shows how important it is to analyze what people search the Internet, a study of what the user wants to find a network of relationships, and Facebook is differentiated from other networks for being a company that seeks high profits through advertising, publicizing restaurants, sports applications, games.

As a company that aims to meet the client in an objective, where he researched, it displays a reference of what he is looking for and shows you something that will appeal and may even buy or indicate to a friend. Twitter “or Microblog future of marketing in real time, today companies are betting on Twitter to attract customers in a dynamic and interactive, publishing deals,” @ LojaXvezesY When we reach 2,000 followers gave away a national team of Brazil ., “a great move where thousands of people will share this promotion, causing people to become fans of this brand. And do not stop there, this is just the beginning. In future, these messages will become very common in stores: “Follow us on Twitter and get free gifts.” Thus the company will earn customer loyalty, making your profits grow X times more per year.

By: Adriano Soares
Revised: Eduardo Souza

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