Technology: Challenges to Digital Inclusion

The Digital Education is integrated Digital Inclusion. It is important to learn media and technologies in the context of free software. Digital technology brings opportunities for changes that affect the personal and professional path.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have challenges and problems, since its users have difficulty in leading strategic learning.

You should be aware of the complexity and flexibility when it comes to new technologies. This calls for communication and interaction, need to address diversity and cover with quick access to information.

Soon, Digital Inclusion offers access to information, communication and expression of ideas through the field of languages and programs.

The scientific and technological advances together with the social and economic transformation of individuals requiring contact with these constant changes.

Faced around, one can see explicitly the news that often arise from new products and developments of existing ones. Cars, computers, cameras, mp3 players and more than exemplify this transformation. Another key is adaptability, products merge.

A major step in technology is the mobility. Who knew existed decades ago in Internet phone, Internet or ideas in television sets?

To enjoy the privileges offered by the technology becomes necessary adaptation, curiosity and thirst for knowledge.


By Joelma Silvestre
Project Coordinator Digital Inclusion Kariri


Fonte: Projeto de Inclusão Digital Kariri


2 comentários sobre “Technology: Challenges to Digital Inclusion

  1. I completely agree. Students have a rich vocabulary; a rich language that is evolving into a cant that teachers and parents are excluded from. How can we expect to facilitate learning if we don’t take the time to learn their language? Their culture? The digital patois is the new acrolect, and teachers and parents are becoming clueless bumblers!

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